About Us

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At 3Dmonks Interactive Medias, we have the resources to manage and create a desirable image in your universe, which is so apparent by the way your marketing communication collaterals appear. We offer design and creative services across a variety of media and platforms so that your brand communicates which is needed and intended to lend it a favorable image to the target audience.

These are the tools we specialize in:
Communications collaterals ranging from all print, design, graphic and digital variables

  • Product & Corporate Literature
  • Packaging & Labels
  • Displays & POSMs
  • Online Executions


360 degree branding is not just a fad, it is an essentiality in today's marketing environment. It's not just a new “term”; it's a process that has been adhered to earnestly by us since we believe in David Ogilvy's core philosophies, “Every advertisement must contribute to the long-term image of the brand.” Brand Building has always been at the heart of what we do.


We aim to be a brand steward. 360 degree branding is the logical next step of brand stewardship: aPlus is always seeking better tools, innovative ways to help us fulfill that promise. 360 degree branding, we consider is the ultimate recourse to achieve brand stewardship. Once we define the brand personality, its character and its relationship with the consumer, then everything that touches the consumer, everything that affects that relationship or that communicates the brand, becomes part of the brand building agenda. 360 degree branding is the only way to be a Brand Steward today and we believe in this philosophy.